Red Wine and Black Roses

My second book in my latest series: Histories and Mysteries

Our heroine, Maggie never imagined her comfortable life any other way, until a mysterious stranger leaves a glass of red wine and one black rose on her table, and a hard to refuse job offer on her voicemail. Tempted by a large sum of money; enough to fuel her dreams, Maggie accepts an unusual assignment and finds herself living in an eerie stone manor, under the same roof as Nick; the most gorgeous and sexiest man she’d ever seen.Exciting mystery unfolds as Maggie and Nick find themselves searching the city for clues and answers led by cryptic notes to some valuable documents. Each clue leading to the next has them working side by side, and as the chemistry heats up between them, so does the conflict of emotions inside her. If that is not enough trouble, she is caught in the middle of the lifelong rivalry of two stubborn and strong-willed brothers.
The adventure grows when Maggie discovers they are not alone on their mission. Suspense builds when unsuspected danger crashes the party and threatens her life; leading her closer to the truth and back to the wine and roses.

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