Histories and Mysteries: Charm and Chills

My first book in my new series:
Histories and Mysteries

After her mother is injured in a fall, Nina takes a leave of absence from her Portland corporate office job, and travels east to help care for her mother, and run her produce market. Spoiled by the big city life of fine dining, concerts, handsomely dressed men, and easy access to major shopping malls, she must adapt to small town living. Much different than she is used to, Nina must adjust to a quaint country town of corner cafes, local stores, barnyard dances, and Josh, one smoking hot stubborn cowboy.Her quiet sedate surroundings are short-lived, as she embarks on an adventure into unfamiliar territory. A message from her late uncle has her and Josh traveling through a ghost town and a desolate gold mine, on the trail of a haunting mystery, searching for clues in places time has forgotten. As the trail gets hotter, so does the chemistry between Josh and Nina. Sparks of danger are not the only things heating up.

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