How Spirit of Love came to be

An Unspoken Dream Comes True

Writing a book was never a dream of mine, I loved to read but never thought of writing. Then one day out of nowhere this thought popped into my head telling me about a book I needed to write.

All of a sudden I was flooded with ideas.  I started formulating the foundation of the story, defining character, choosing locations I even had a plot.

I called my sister, Carrie and excitedly shared with her my idea.  She came right on board  and we started working together as a team.  I did most of the writing, she reviewed and added more detail; she seems to have a wonderful gift of glamorizing a description. Before we knew it,  our book ‘The Spirit of Love’  was born.

I must have wrote at least four chapters that first weekend and I could have kept right on going but there was this thing called life which asked more of me than just writing.  I would take a pad with me everywhere and anytime I had a spare moment I would step into Serena’s life and add some adventure, loving moment or create fun times to her story. Each time I would complete a chapter it was sent off for Carrie to review and then I’d start on the next one.   I’d say we make a pretty good team.

Just recently we met with a Consultant/Publisher, Annette Trucke. She  started talking about editing, graphic artist, blogging, book signings and book launches.  I tell you my head was swimming in a whirlpool of unfamiliar waters.  She must have seen the deer-in-the-headlight-look because she immediately started breaking it down into smaller steps and together we worked out a solid plan that was doable.  She just said to keep on writing and everything would fall into place.

So here we are in April, a year after a thought became a story and preparing for a new and exciting adventure. Our book is schedule for a soft Launch in June. We have had fun and enjoyed writing it.  So if you get a chance take the Spirit of Love to your happy place; whether it be curled up by the fire or lying by the pool and escape into Serena’s crazy and whimsical world. We hope that you will enjoy reading our book as we have had fun and enjoyed writing it.

Thank you, Linda Richison.

Also look for our next book of the Spirit series in the near future.