Spirit of Love: Heart and Souls

Hi all, I am excited to welcome  you to “The Spirit of Love” Series.  This is the first book “Heart and Souls.  The characters will entertain you with their witty humor, romantic interludes and a touch of mystical fantasy.  They are sure to make their way into your heart and come alive in our mind as they take you on an exciting journey of adventure and mystery.

Serena was happy with her life building dreams with her Fiancé, Kevin  but her fairy tale world soon explodes when he suddenly breaks off their engagement.  Struggling to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and move on with her life, Serena agrees to take ownership of her late Aunt’s book store, located in a small coastal town in Oregon.  Destined for a brand new start to find her sanity and serenity Serena packs up, leaves her hometown and heads west to take on her new responsibilities.

But the peaceful and tranquil life is not in the cards for Serena, in fact she is caught in a whirlwind adventure when she befriends James, a trapped spirit held hostage in a book and agrees to help him find his freedom.  If that’s not enough for her to handle, she encounters Cliff; a tall sexy man that could only be trouble in the most dangerously delicious ways.  Neither Serena nor Cliff is looking for a relationship but a strong force keeps bringing them together.

To add to the already madness in her life, a devious couple plots to steal the book and puts Serena’s life in danger.  Can Serena stay safely out of their reaches and find the answers that will lead to James’s freedom before it’s too late.But despite all of Serena’s efforts, James’s must abide to the rules to abolish the spell, one of which is to bring two hearts together.  Convinced that those hearts belong to Serena and Cliff, James sets out to unite the couple, only to find out it not that easy to accomplish.  Will he be able to teach Serena how to trust again and follow her heart into the arms of the man she loves or will James and Serena be lost souls forever?

Thank you all for visiting my site and look for more posts to come.

“This is a great story that pulls at your heartstrings, titillates your imagination and mysterious.I had a difficult time putting this book down, it had me drawn in after reading the first two pages. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.”-Shawna Cloyd Hesselgrave

“It was magical, mysterious, romantic, heart wrenching, funny and light hearted! How adorable!! It captured my attention and I couldn’t put it down. You have a talent and I am so glad you didnt keep it hidden. I need another one to read! These books are a fun way to ecape! Linda you are amazing!!”-Heather Gaynor

“Has me hooked. Hard to put down. I’ll be reading the series for sure.”
-Marilyn Reid

“The story has a good setting,a bit of mystery, intriguing relationships,some humor .I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next book.I love that it is set local! good onsite into a series!”-Amazon Customer

“I really got into Serena’s character. Never a boring moment in the book. Different and unique. Spice of romance mixed with fantasy. Throughout the book I was trying to imagine what the characters looked like. Cliff tall, dark, handsome and ruggid. Serena a gorgeous feisty red head. This story would actually make a good movie. Now I have to wait for the continuation. Patience is a virtue.” -Gina B28741279_10212964155631849_1403981277_n

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